Unreached People Groups


Reach the unreached African people groups who have migrated and now live in Europe through mobilization of local churches.


North Africa, looking for every opportunity to let the love of Jesus shine through us.

Yoshito Kato

Tokyo: Missionary pastor; teach creationism to pastors and congregations.

Christian & Rie Manabe Kim

Our goal is to make disciples for Jesus in Japan.

Steve Lillis

Worldwide, we use creative billiard trick shots to illustrate and share the Gospel message.


France: Help people know Jesus within their cultural and linguistic understandings.


One of the greatest modern stories of the power of the gospel.

Chris & Anne Ross

Reaching Central Asian peoples globally through Metro NYC..

Amoon & Ghazala Sharon

Asia, empower children through a quality education, break free from poverty.

Emanuel & Esther Shilikale

Tanzania East Africa / Datooga people. Church planting, training, bible translation.

Tim & Melanie Shultz

Share the gospel with Hindu families in the NYC metro area and post gospel content online in South Asia.


Eastern Asia, kindergarten and underground discipleship and Bible training school.